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  • SANA - Makes World's Smallest PAMs

    By employing advanced monolithic designs and simplified packaging methodologies, SANA has unmatched technical strengths and experiences in producing Power Amplifier Modules in reduced sizes for 3G/4G applications.
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  • S32xx family of 3 mm x 3 mm PAMs

    As a family of fully matched 10-pin surface-mount 3 mm x 3 mm modules, the S32xx Power Amplifier Modules cover majority of LTE, WCDMA and CDMA bands.
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  • S2xx, 2 mm x 2 mm PAMs

    The S2xx Power Amplifier Modules for 3G and LTE come in with an exceptionally small form factor (2 mm x 2 mm x 0.9 mm). These modules are all based on monolithic single die designs with no surface-mount devices inside the module.
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  • 2x2 mm²
  • 2.5x3 mm²
  • 3x3 mm²
  • 3x4.2 mm²
SANA proudly presents its S2XX series, the world’s smallest Power Amplifier Modules (PAMs) by the form factor of 2 mm x 2 mm. The innovative PAMs in the line are fully matched surface-mount modules and are monolithic single die designs with no surface-mount device.

SANA offers an extensive and growing portfolio of PAMs based on InGaP HBT and BiHEMT processes. Apart from novel products in small form factors, a comprehensive range of pin compatible standard devices are also available. Below is SANA’s current portfolio of PAMs:

product portfolio

Looking ahead, SANA will add two more lines to its portfolio:
1. S25XX Series: 2.5 mm x 2 mm
 ; bands 7, 38/41, 40
2. SMXX Series: Multiband modules